December 2020

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                                2020 Year-End Best-Of SAMA

In a year that’s been anything but normal, these are the SAMA items that resonated the most with our community (i.e., you). Read on for the most-visited webinars, podcasts and blog posts of 2020.


“Virtual Just Became Vital: The Keys to a Great Remote Sales Presentation,” presented by Dr. Carmen Simon (PhD), Chief Science Officer, Corporate Visions 

“Keys to Effective Strategic Account Planning,” presented by Steve Andersen, President & Founder, Performance Methods, Inc., plus a rotating cast of expert panelists
( part 1, part 2, part 3 part 4 , part 5)

“Being a Trusted Advisor in Times of Uncertainty: Best Practices and Lessons Learned from Past Times of Crisis,”  presented by FinListics Solutions

“Financial Acumen for SAMs,” presented by Michael Trattner, Partner, Excelerated Learning Systems

“Negotiating through Turbulence – and Beyond,” presented by Jonathan Hughes and David Chapnick, Vantage Partners 
( part 1 part 2 )


“Extreme Negotiations With Customers,” by Jonathan Hughes, Ben Siddall and David Chapnick, Vantage Partners 

“Five Key Principles of Successful Negotiations with Customers,” by Kunal Bhatia, Senior Global Account Director, Johnson & Johnson 

“From Your Buyer With Love: Five Steps you Can Take Now to Counter Price Reduction Requests,” by Jens Hentschel, Founder, THE FIVIS PARTNERSHIP

“Got CXM? Why Customer Experience Management Isn’t Just a Nice-to-Have for Strategic Account Management,” by Raj Parekh, Partner, CuebridgeCX

“Five Health Care Trends Every SAM Needs to Know,” by Brandi Greenberg, VP for Life Sciences & Health Care Ecosystem Research, Advisory Board


“Helping Your Customers Through Crisis: What SAMA’s Christopher Jensen Learned on 9/11,” with Christopher Jensen, Director of Customer Solutions, SAMA

“Positioning Your Value for Max Impact With Customers: A Former CFO Reviews How Companies Make Investment Decisions,” with Chris Ferguson, VP, Business Development & Delivery, The Summit Group

“The Perception of Value and the Power of Storytelling: How to Sell in Uncertain Times,” with Adrian Davis, President & CEO, Whetstone, Inc.

“Being Accessible, Being Human and Being a Thought Leader: How a 150-Year-Old Company ‘Shows up’ for its Customers,” with Ron Davis, EVP and Head of Customer Management, Zurich

“Creating Meshed Relationships,” with Ulrik Monberg, Founder & CEO, Arpedio