Unlock Data and Insights You Need to Create the Safe, Winning Workplace of the Future.

Make your people happier and boost confidence coming back to the office with a WorkforceDiagnostics™ assessment.

Who Would Benefit From WorkforceDiagnostics™?

Leaders who are ready to invest in informed strategies to  increase productivity, attract and retain talent, and provide a space where people love to work. 

Your WorkforceDiagnostics™ assessment is a critical step in gaining the edge with a more effective, empowering workspace for your people.

What is WorkforceDiagnostics™?

Formcraft's WorkforceDiagnostics™ is a 6-week diagnostic program that roadmaps workplace strategies. Get started with a workshop between our strategy experts and your leadership team.

Next, our proven, data-driven assessment forecasts scenarios by getting to know your business from the ground up—with a special focus on your people.

Finally, we'll deliver a strategic brief and scenario planning dashboards to help you shift from the current state of your workplace to your desired future.


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What to Expect in the 6-Week Program


Week 1: Leadership Vision, Insights and Culture Workshop

Meet with the Formcraft team to discuss leadership vision, insights, and culture.

Week 2: Virtual Staff Interviews

You and your team attend virtual interviews, answering questions about personal preferences and what makes your company unique. 

Week 3 and 4: WorkforceDiagnostics™ Survey

Administer a data-driven survey to your entire team. The assessment evaluates your company's economic and environmental impact, personas, productivity, space allocation and needs, and more.

Week 5: Strategic Brief & Scenario Planning

Review your personalized strategic brief from Formcraft and various scenario-modeling dashboards that will help you set priorities.

Week 6: Program Completion

Success! You now have the data to increase your team's happiness, productivity and retention. You are on the way to a data-driven, formal workplace strategy.

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